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31 de Mayo, 2013 · Christian Louboutin
Following the launch of Leopard before and after printing shoes, Christian Louboutin's popularity again as the protagonist Louis Flat shoes for spring quarter 2013 launch of a unique new shoes.

Famous French shoe designer Christian Louboutin was founded in 1992, his eponymous high-end footwear brand christian louboutin flats for women, which is full of character footwear design obtained by the introduction... Continuar leyendo

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22 de Mayo, 2013 · Christian Louboutin

Women love high heels, because the hearts of every girl has a fairy tale dream. When Cinderella wear the glass slipper, turned noble, beautiful princess, and the prince dance, see here, what girl does not heartbeat? When the prince had found drowned in the sea of ​​Cinderella, one knee, as she put the bird unique glass slipper, see here, what girl does not moved to tears? Each girl will dream, though he was just a big crowd that one of the most humble, you can but it is unique in his ... Continuar leyendo

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02 de Mayo, 2013 · Christian Louboutin
Summer select a pair of high-heeled sandals are a lot of women who fashion choices Oh, loaded with a pair of shorts or short skirts installed so that they enjoy the show sexy and slender leg line, so that my hip is more plump and pretty, period to share with you several.

Pair of meters of white high heels more suitable to select the high-heeled girls for the first time, and good smooth effect, cheap christian louboutin shoes thick soles was tall and stylish, user-friendly... Continuar leyendo

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26 de Abril, 2013 · Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin red sole signature design was born in 1992, when Christian Louboutin try to use nail polish on the sole part. Today, scarlet soles became a sign of ultimate luxury shoes, Christian Louboutin brand sales last year greatly into multiple growth, he designed annual sales of more than 340,000 pairs of shoes priced from $ 495. Designer christian Louboutin himself not to place undue reliance on advertising and marketing, he said he never "force" the name of the people on the red... Continuar leyendo
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11 de Enero, 2013 · General
I'm an ordinary girl, but I had an extraordinary dream

The dream is a lamp to illuminate the dark night. Dream boat, take us towards the success of the other side.

Everyone has a dream, and my dream is to be a kindergarten teacher, I would like mother, like to take care of them, and bring them warmth. I would want my father go to protect them, and bring them security

The teacher is a candle burning to illuminate others. The teacher is a piece of chalk, to sacrifice themselves to stay knowledge.... Continuar leyendo
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