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26 de Abril, 2013 · Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin designed shoes you believe it?

Christian Louboutin red sole signature design was born in 1992, when Christian Louboutin try to use nail polish on the sole part. Today, scarlet soles became a sign of ultimate luxury shoes, Christian Louboutin brand sales last year greatly into multiple growth, he designed annual sales of more than 340,000 pairs of shoes priced from $ 495. Designer christian Louboutin himself not to place undue reliance on advertising and marketing, he said he never "force" the name of the people on the red carpet wearing his shoes, "My goal is not to make money. There are a number of celebrities in his boutiques can enjoy discount, but he rarely shoes for gift.

Whether the price of the most expensive to achieve, red bottom shoes for men and refused to disclose. But a pair of handmade custom with the rubies red-soled shoes, and unique in the world, the price reached five digits is not surprising.

Of course, the price and then you can not stop the red-soled shoes also arrived to the temptation of women, Louboutin estimates, there are about 3,000 women each of them has about 500 pairs of shoes he designed. Who is his most loyal customers? When the least number of 6000 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes selling author Danielle Steele. Christian Louboutin said, Danielle Steele went to Paris shopping, and then fly back to New York away from his store 80 pairs of shoes.

Recently, however, Christian Louboutin Flats seems interested in expanding the market, to the pragmatism. But this time, Christian Louboutin to the second jump, he neither high heels, or even low-heeled shoes or flat heels, but the shoes. Black uppers covered with sharp little rivets, cool and very useful. Thought earlier, Albez Elbaz gave its Louboutin the garment making shoes for Lanvin: "At that time, I think that the red soles compared my clothing line is too strong, I put them painted black, which was a big mistake, he almost kill me. "

In fact, Christian Louboutin this transformation is still very beyond expectations.

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